Third Party
The Power of Advanced Trading Systems

Improve upon the advanced analysis power of MetaStock by adding on MetaStock's incredible Add-Ons which provide additional functionality to MetaStock. Add-ons can include the creator's trading methodology by adding custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and expert advisors.

Developed in conjunction with such trade experts as John Murphy, John Bollinger and Steve Nison, these plug-ins bring the expertise of the industry's leading giants to your desktop!

Many Add-ons provide precise buy/sell signals based on the author's trading methodology. For example, John Bollinger has created an Add-on that gives buy and sell signals based on his popular Bollinger Bands.

A product specialist can walk you through what Add-On will best suit your needs:

Call US:1 (800) 882-3040 or International:1 (801) 506-0900


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