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"MetaStock is the one thing that provides me great consistency in my trading. I have it all set up to do most of the analysis and trade management work for me – I wouldn’t know what to do without it."

Stuart McPhee

"I'm a stay-at-home mom. Really, my trading takes up very little of my time now that I'm using the computer and MetaStock software rather than paper charts and guesswork. This gives me much more time to be with my three kids—a definite bonus!"

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Linda Hardin

Technical Support

"I was completely blown away."

Oliver V.

" I have read over 1,500 books on Technical Analysis spanning the last 15 years. I have developed my own technical indicators which I use in my studies. The only thing that has been constant during this time is my use of MetaStock. I love MetaStock and its ease of use, especially for beginners as well as advanced users. I am a Senior System Administrator and have been working in information technology for many years. The most important thing to consider when you purchase software such as MetaStock in my opinion is technical support. I love MetaStock’s technical support. They are the best at what they do. During the15 years I have used them they always have been very cheerful, professional, and positive, and there is not a single problem they can't solve in a very timely manner. They will be happy to answer all your questions. In addition they provide formula services where they will write MetaStock formulas at a very reasonable price.

I have always used MetaStock data. I have tried two other vendors but was extremely disappointed and came right back. MetaStock provides you with all the data you need and you can access it immediately. What I really love about MetaStock’s data is the S&P Sectors and Industry group data. I have done major studies on Sector Investing and MetaStock has all the important Sectors and Industry Groups from Standard and Poor.

Christopher N.

"We've used MetaStock for virtually every single form of analysis we've done to this very day. We come up with all of our services, all of our stock picks using MetaStock."

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Oliver Velez

What MetaStock is to Me

"MetaStock is what I dreamed about in the 70's..."

Steve K.

"Without the ability to see what the broad and individual markets are doing, any trader or investor would be severely handicapped. Charting software is the tool that allows us to do just that... see the Markets. MetaStock remains the only charting software I use or recommend. Its extraordinary graphics, functionality, and ease of customization make it the professional tool it is. For me, trading without MetaStock would be like riding one of my motorcycles blindfolded. "

Dr. Stephen Cooper

"I selected MetaStock for its wide-range of powerful capabilities, its flexibility, its ease of use, and its affordability."

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Robert Colby

Intelligent Software

"It's the most intelligent piece of software I have ever used."

Dr. Trieber

"I have been lucky enough to be part of the Trader's Advantage beta testing group. I have been personally documenting on paper every trade suggested for all 17 pairs 24 hours a day while the market has been open, this is entries and exits. This is not to say I have stayed awake 24 hours. I am taking notes. I have documented that each week for the last two weeks, had I entered the suggested trades on all 17 pairs, I would have netted over 2500 pips per lot each week. This is no guarantee of future success, but I am SURE EXCITED. I am very satisfied with the ease of use of the Trader's Advantage. It was simple for me to learn how to trade with it. As president of a Forex User Group here in San Diego, I am highly recommending to all members to use and profit with MetaStock's Trader's Advantage!"

Lindy Neubauer, San Diego, California

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