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Can I have a daily and weekly chart in the same template?

Can I have a daily and weekly chart in the same template?

You can include a daily and a weekly chart in the same template as follows:

  1. Start MetaStock.
  2. Click File | Open.
  3. Double-click a chart to display it.
  4. Click Window | New Window.� This will create a copy of the chart that is open.� The copy will probably be named Chart1 and the security name.
  5. Click Window | Tile and you will now see 2 charts of the same security.
  6. Click Chart1 to make it the active chart.
  7. Click Format | X-Axis.
  8. Click the Compression tab.
  9. Select Weekly and click OK. You should now see chart1 as a weekly display and the original chart as daily.
  10. Click File | New | Layout.
  11. Click Add All to add both chart views to the Layout and click OK.
  12. Click File | Save As.
  13. Change the Save as field to Template.
  14. Type a name for your Template (e.g. Daily-weekly.mwt) into the Name column and click OK.

You can now apply this Template to any chart and it will display both the daily and weekly view for the chart, but make sure that the Use templates periodicity option is checked in the Apply Template dialog.

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