Trading Resources

We want you to be a successful trader using MetaStock. To that end, we offer many types of resources we hope you will find useful.

Custom Formulas

MetaStock’s database of custom formulas. If you cannot find the custom formula you need, see the topic below.

Formula Primer

The free Formula Primer which explains, in small incremental steps, what the MetaStock Formula Language is and how it works.

Custom Formula Work Request

Request custom formula work from a MetaStock professional.

MetaStock Forum

Links to the MetaStock user’s community forum – a great resource for the beginner to the advanced user for obtaining information and answers on MetaStock, technical analysis, and trading.

MetaStock User Groups

Learn more about MetaStock, trading, and technical analysis by joining a User Group near you. There are User Groups throughout the world. See if there is one near you.

MetaStock Monitor Newsletter

A bi-monthly newsletter that contains information focused on making our clients more informed and enlightened on both MetaStock and trading decisions.

Active Trader Magazine Articles

A collection of past MetaStock articles found in the Active Trader Magazine.

Traders' Tips from TASC Magazine

A collection of past MetaStock articles found in the TASC Magazine.

Technical Analysis from A to Z

The online edition of Steve B. Achelis’ book, Technical Analysis from A to Z reproduced here with permission from the author and publisher.

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