Trading Strategies from Active Trader Magazine

Aug 2004RSI Trend System
Jul 2004ITC – Weekly
Jun 2004QQQ Crash
Jun 2004Experimenting with Exits
May 2004WMA Crossover
May 2004Another Oddball System
Apr 2004Commodity Channel Index System
Mar 2004Lazy Gainer
Mar 2004Monthly Breakout
Feb 2004Keltner Classic System
Feb 2004Glitch Index
Jan 200460-minute Breakout System
Dec 2003One Night Stand
Dec 2003CMO StochRSI
Nov 2003Two-bar Breakout System (stocks)
Nov 2003Two-bar Breakout System (futures and options)
Oct 2003PGO System
Oct 2003MFI Timing System
Sep 2003'Blood in the Street' System
Sep 20034-Week Breakout
Aug 2003Triple Screen SMA System p54
Aug 2003Triple Screen SMA System p44
Jul 2003Opening Range Breakout
Jul 2003May-October System
Jun 2003100-20 Channel Breakout System
Apr 2003Trend with Pattern Entry System