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  • * Windows 10 Release *

    MetaStock XENITH currently does not fully support Windows 10. Due to this, the system requirements test included in the product will prevent MetaStock XENITH from installing on the Windows 10 O/S.  We have provided instructions for bypassing the system requirements test, so that clients are able to install MetaStock XENITH on the Windows 10 O/S.  

    We have conducted preliminary testing on Windows 10 resulting in positive results, however extensive testing is still scheduled to be completed before the end of the 2015. 

    To bypass the MetaStock XENITH system requirements test, follow the below instructions, if you encounter any difficulties please contact MetaStock Support.  ( 

    1. Navigate to the folder containing EikonInstaller.amers2.exe (or the name of the XENITH install file) 

    2. Right-click on the file and choose SendTo--> Desktop (Create Shortcut)

    3. On the Desktop, right click on the newly created shortcut and click Properties

    4. Click the "Shortcut" tab. Copy/Paste the following onto the end of the "Target" field:

    /COMMAND=_execute=INSTALL _forceInstall=1

    (Make sure there is a space after the .exe) 

    The entire target line should look something like: 

    c:\Users\(Windows.Usersname)\Desktop\EikonInstaller.amers2.exe /COMMAND=_execute=INSTALL _forceInstall=1

    5. Click Ok to save the changes

    6. Double click the newly created shortcut to launch the installer which should now bypass the system requirements test, allowing the installation to continue of Windows 10

    If you choose to take these steps, we will do our best efforts to support MetaStock products and Windows 10. However because MetaStock products are not fully supported on Windows 10, we cannot plan for all scenarios until the time that they are. 

    Thank you, 
    MetaStock Product Management

  • CME Group Symbol Format Change

    Due to upcoming CME Group futures source symbol format changes, this document provides a cross reference for the original (old) source symbol and the new source symbol. This document will be updated as new information becomes available.

    CME Cross Reference

    For questions please contact MetaStock Support.

  • Customers may experience mismatch of High and Low values on NYMEX/COMEX *

    We have been advised that our head for content management has provided the following details regarding the issue of CME Group High and Low prices after meetings with the development team and CME:

    "We have moved to a new feed for Nymex/Comex/Dubai as of 13 July (the new feed is called fix binary).

    The CME Group is using the old feed protocol as the source for their website but will switch in October to the new feed when the old feed will be decommissioned (the old feed is called fix fast).

    We have asked CME for an official statement that we can share internally and with clients that explains why the high/low data on their website differs to our high/low data.

    The logic to derive the high/low from CME’s old feed always included bids/offers and trades (it’s not just been based on trades) in order to match the way CME derives high/lows on its website.

    We have pressed CME to confirm how they will derive the highs/lows from the new data feed once they switch to using the new feed on their website. On a call today with CME they were unable to confirm if the high/low should include bids/offers but we will continue to chase CME for their answer on this.

    The new feed that we have moved to contains more order content than the old feed we have moved away from – and this explains why our high/lows don’t match either the CME website or the high/lows other vendors are displaying."

    To summarize, here are the important:

    1. This is a change from the Exchange.
    2. The prices are confirmed to be correct by the Exchange.
    3. The Exchange will be sending out a statement, stating that our prices are correct. We are expecting this statement by tomorrow morning, at the latest.
    4. Our high and low prices will match with the Exchange when the Exchange will transition this change in October.
    5. We are directly in contact with the Exchange.

    We will update this post once we receive the official statement from the exchange.

  • MetaStock 13 and 14 Users - SectorStat Update (Sept 2015)

    We have updated the SectorStat indicators built into MetaStock 13 and 14 (DT and RT) to account for the change in constituents.

    OLD company - Pall Corporation (symbol - PLL)

    NEW symbol - Danaher (symbol - DHR)

    You can download the SectorStat.exe file from the below link, please make sure to right click onto the file and select "run as admin" when installing.

    MetaStock Patches and Files:

    If there are any question please contact MetaStock Support.

    Thank you,

    MetaStock Product Management

  • TradeGuider Add-On Authentication System Issue

    Please be advised that TradeGuider's authentication system is currently having issues, as a result of these issues customers that are subscribed to the TradeGuider add-on will not be able to log in and use the application. Unfortunately there is not a immediate resolution time.  

    For questions or concerns, please contact MetaStock Sales at 1800-882-3040 or by email at 

    Thank you, 

    MetaStock Management

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