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    !! PLEASE READ - MetaStock RT 12 and 13 Users!!


    Due to the recent XENITH 4.0.35 release MetaStock RT 12 and 13 users must have XENITH running in order to log into and run MetaStock RT 12 and 13.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Once XENITH has be opened, it can be closed, and left running in the system tray, and MetaStock RT 12 and 13 will operate normally.  This can be done using the steps below. 

    1. Launch XENITH and log in. 
    2. Launch MetaStock RT 12 and/or 13.
    3. Click onto the Helios in XENITH and from the Menu select "Close".
    4. This will close XENITH and leave it running in the back ground. 

    If there are questions, please contact MetaStock Support at 1-800-883-3040 or by email at 

    MetaStock Product Management


    CME Group Symbol Format Change


    Due to upcoming CME Group futures source symbol format changes, this document provides a cross reference for the original (old) source symbol and the new source symbol. This document will be updated as new information becomes available.

    CME Cross Reference

    For questions please contact MetaStock Support.


    Important Upgrade Instructions for MetaStock 14 Users


    Before following these instructions please make sure you have upgraded your MetaStock to 14.0.3214.  To check the version of MetaStock installed, go to Help>About MetaStock. 

    To migrate custom formulas users must use the Formulas Organizer tool included within MetaStock.  To do this follow the instructions below. 

    Before starting these steps open Windows Explorer, select the "View" menu and check the option "Hidden Items" to ensure the full folder path below will be visible. 

    1. Open MetaStock - Tools - Indicator Builder.
    2. Select - Organizer - Import (default selection).
    3. Select - Browse - and browse to  "C:\Users\(Windows.Username)\AppData\Local\ThomsonReuters\MetaStock\14.0\Formulas\VersionedBackups\140"  - select the "140" folder and select ok/finish to complete the import. 

    Note:(Windows.Username) in the instructions above refers to the user profile for your Windows login. You can often find this information by clicking on the Windows Start button and looking at the top of the Start menu.

    If you encounter problems or have questions, please contact MetaStock Support at 801-506-0999 or by email at 

    Thank you,

    MetaStock Management


    TradeGuider Add-On Authentication System Issue


    Please be advised that TradeGuider's authentication system is currently having issues, as a result of these issues customers that are subscribed to the TradeGuider add-on will not be able to log in and use the application. Unfortunately there is not a immediate resolution time.  

    For questions or concerns, please contact MetaStock Sales at 1800-882-3040 or by email at 

    Thank you, 

    MetaStock Management

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