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  • CME Group Symbol Format Change


    Due to upcoming CME Group futures source symbol format changes, this document provides a cross reference for the original (old) source symbol and the new source symbol. This document will be updated as new information becomes available.

    CME Cross Reference

    For questions please contact MetaStock Support.

  • MetaStock 10 and 11 Users - End of Life License Technology

      Dear Valued Client:

    This important notice is for all clients currently using MetaStock version 10 or 11. As of February 1, 2017 we will no longer support the licensing technology that allows users to activate version 10 and 11 of the MetaStock software. 

    You will no longer be able to activate or login to MetaStock versions 10 or 11 under certain conditions. These include, but are not limited to:

    Installing MetaStock 10 or 11 on a new computer or new hard drive.

    Reinstalling or reactivating MetaStock 10 or 11 on your current hard drive due to issues with the licensing software.

    This issue not affect The Downloader version 10 or 11. 

    We will continue to support MetaStock 10 and 11 as much as reasonably possible, as long as it is operational on the computer.  

    If you choose to upgrade to MetaStock XV from your current version, please contact a product professional at (800) 466-5067 or (801) 506-0833 or chat live.

    Thank you,

  • TradeGuider Add-On Authentication System Issue


    Please be advised that TradeGuider's authentication system is currently having issues, as a result of these issues customers that are subscribed to the TradeGuider add-on will not be able to log in and use the application. Unfortunately there is not a immediate resolution time.  

    For questions or concerns, please contact MetaStock Sales at 1800-882-3040 or by email at 

    Thank you, 

    MetaStock Management

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